Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Recommended reading for budding Kickstarter entrepreneurs

Wired yesterday posted this great article outlining the potential for failure for even the most well prepared and staffed Kickstarter projects. It follows another wired article about a month and a half old.

In that article, Kickstarter co-founder explained that about 56% of all Kickstarter projects fail to meet their funding targets. I may have tweeted about this at the time because I thought the number seemed very low.

As Wired notes, of course many of the projects that fails to meet their funding targets are not that well conceived, but some are. Yesterdays article analyzes a seemingly rock-solid pitch that should have easily surpassed their funding requirement, and details what could have gone wrong.

If you are an entrepreneur who are thinking about a Kickstarter project or any startup at all actually, read it!

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