Thursday, June 14, 2012

Consider this hiring strategy for your startup!

Today I read this great article in Forbes by David K. Williams and was impressed by how well he made the case for hiring "under-qualified" candidates versus superstars.

Sometimes I get the impression that it is impossible to launch and grow a successful startup today without being able to hire the most qualified developers, managers etc. If that is the case, the reverse must obviously also hold true, meaning that every single person working for Google, Apple, Facebook etc. turns everything they touch into solid gold and turn water into wine by just looking at it.

Obviously neither are true and Mr. Williams does a great job explaining his strategy which is almost the opposite of the superstar approach. How to find the diamonds in the rough and what core skills actually are important and what can be learned on the job.

Read the article and think about this before you market your next opening. Do you want (and pay for) a superstar that just executes from day one or do you want someone who can grow, will stay loyal to the company and bring new ideas.

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