Thursday, March 14, 2013

Google kills off Google Reader, what is next?

Google announced yesterday that they will sunset their Google Reader application together with several other applications and APIs in what they brand as a "spring cleaning". This is not the first time Google decides to trim their application portfolio. Does anyone remember Google Wave?

I think the push-back might be much stronger this time. Google Wave was a very experimental platform which never saw its usage case validated beyond a very small core of dedicated users and some of its innovations were supposedly put to use in other applications such as Google Docs and Google+. Google Reader on the other hand has been a very reliable and loved RSS-reader with a significant user base as well as platform for many third party Readers and Apps. 

Monday, March 11, 2013

Netflix take on corporate culture

I recently came across this great presentation by Reed Hastings, explaining the Netflix corporate culture. The core is really about how to be able to stay nimble and innovative while growing. The answer according to Netflix appear to be hiring top talent and minimizing rules, unnecessary processes and admin and continue to work as a startup.

CTIA and WBC promotes international Spectrum Harmonization

A recent report by CTIA and the Wireless Broadband Coalition urge US regulators to harmonize the intended spectrum use for the bands 1755-1780Mhz and 2155-2180Mhz with international policies already in place. 

CTIA and WBC touch on an important aspect of wireless regulation and competition in the US. As the report indicates, significant savings and benefits can be achieved by harmonizing spectrum planning in the US with the rest of the world.