Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Both iPhone5C and S will support TD-LTE

Based on the technical specifications for the new iPhone5S and iPhone5C, it appears that both models will come in versions that will support TD-LTE in addition to the, as of now, more commonly used FDD-LTE 4G technology.

This may come in handy initially for Chinese and Japanese carriers as well as Sprint in the US. However, in many European markets, TD-LTE spectrum has been awarded and at least a few carriers have already contracted with equipment providers for network build-outs. We will see which carriers that will ultimately launch these versions of iPhone5S and iPhone5C.

Further reading of the technical specifications appear to show that both models now have full compatibility with FDD-LTE bands in Europe and elsewhere.

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  1. A more careful reading of the specs seem to indicate that the three TD-LTE bands offered, 38, 39 and 40 will only make it compatible with TD-LTE networks in China, Japan and EU.

    It therefore appear that Sprint is out of the question for this model, also because this specific version will come coupled with HSPA and not CDMA.