Thursday, September 13, 2012

Did Nokia get a lucky break with the iPhone5?

When Apple yesterday launched the highly anticipated iPhone5 it felt like a lot of observers in unison went "meh". Not that anyone is disputing Apples claim that this is the greatest iPhone yet or that it will probably sell millions and millions. But we had expected more from Apple.

This may of course partly be due to that most updates had leaked out before the launch and the element of surprise was gone.

But in effect, the iPhone5 is an iPhone4S with a slightly taller screen, faster processor and a new cable connector. That is it. Oh, yes, LTE in a few selected markets.

Does this mean that Nokia finally got a very needed lucky break with the somewhat underwhelming introduction of the i Phone5? 


Even though Nokia managed to fumble the introduction of its most important handset of all time, the Lumia 920, in ways people didn't think were possible, at least it was clear to everyone that they pulled out all the stops with this one. New screen, vastly improved camera performance, cordless charging, augmented reality, free music, maps, global LTE...the works.

Maybe some people are willing to give Nokia and WP8 a second look after all. Also, LTE operators globally that were left out from the iPhone5 party, will see the Lumia 920 as a tool to differentiate themselves from competitors that have not launched LTE. This might contribute to enhanced carrier support for Nokia.

Don't get me wrong, I may still get an iPhone5, I love my iPhone as much as anyone. 

The problem for Nokia and all competitors to the iPhone is that the iPhone was never about having the best hardware. In fact, except for the retina screen launched on the iPhone4, I am hard pressed to think of that many hardware features that the iPhone has pioneered. Apple and the iPhone has always been about the whole, the integration of hardware and software into one perfect specimen. Something that is greater than just combination of hardware and software. 

That is hard to compete with...

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